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Termites Control and Elimination

Termites are a group of insects that usually live in colonies. These colonies are self organized systems with each colony having at least one or two queens, some nymphs, workers and even soldiers.

Soldiers usually play the role of protecting the colony from any form of external harassment.

What is TermitesTermite Inspection

The reasons why we are calling the colonies self organized systems is because they work in a very organized manner to ensure that the termites are able to properly exploit the environment for any available food opportunities.

The colonies also ensure that termites are able to get a good and favorable environment to live in. Mostly termites feed on dead plant tissues such as wood, clusters of fallen leaves and even sometimes the cow dung.

Biologically this is a very important aspect because as they feed they contribute a lot in causing decay and decomposing of the dead tissues.

This in turn helps in releasing of the nutrients in the dead tissues to the soil. This way energy is recycled in an ecosystem.

Unknown to many however is the fact that this small creatures can cause excessive damage to property owners especially those with homes and real estate.

In fact research in the USA alone has revealed that the damaged caused to homes and real estates by the termites far much exceeds the one caused by hurricanes and tornadoes.

With such astonishing facts on the amount of damage caused by termites, then these insects is not anything that should be ignored by home and real estate owners.

One of the methods which has been employed by home owners in order to be able to deal with the termites is termite inspection.

Termite inspection helps to detect early any potential damage that could be caused to structures by the termites.

Early detection of the termites helps to determine the potential damage that can be caused by the termites if they attack.

If the termites are detected they are controlled, completely eradicated from the structures where they are likely to cause potential damage or any other method deemed appropriate is used.

Early detection of the termites helps the home owners save huge amounts of cash that could have been consumed in repair costs in case the termites attacked. Home owners can use the services of traditional termite inspectors or better still hire the services of licensed termite inspectors.

However traditional termite inspectors are usually not fully trained to be able to properly detect potential damage that is likely to be caused by the insects.

Sometimes they may not be able to recognize even an existing termite damage. With this I would highly recommend the services of a licensed termite inspector.

If you are an aspiring potential home owner I would rather you don’t dare buy a home without first having termite inspection done on it.

This is because the termite inspector will provide you with reports of any existing or potential damage as a result of termites attack in the home you are about to buy.

Once a potential home owner is aware of this, then he/she can go ahead and negotiate on the price of the home with the seller. This way a potential home owner is able to get value for her/his money.

Termites should not deter anybody from owning or buying a home. Termite inspectors help establish how far the termite problem is. Once this has been established then the rest is much easier because as a home owner you will be knowing what you dealing with.

In case there is any existing or potential termite damage then as a home owner you will be advised on the best way of controlling this menace.

The end result of which will be avoiding the costs associated with termite damages on homes and real estates. Such advice will touch on areas such as buying a home with termite damage, pre-home buying termite inspections or even pre-construction termite inspections.

Once you own a home just like many other people probably it will be one of the largest investments you have ever made and your most important one for this matter.

It is with this realization that it becomes important for you as the home owner to be doing regular termite control in your home. Although there are several many ways that this can be done a few of them will just be outlined here.

First of all it is always important to be constantly looking for any possible signs of termites infestation in your home.

Check the foundation of your home. Hollow spaces on your foundation and wood on your structure could be a serious indication of an impending termite infestation to your home.

After looking for any possible sign of termite infestation in your home then the next step will be that of determining the type of termite that could possibly have infested your home.

Normally there are two types of termites, subterranean and dry wood termites. Subterranean termites thrive both in wood and soil around your home while dry wood termites thrive exclusively in wood.

The Subterranean termites have a greater potential of causing damage to your home than the dry wood termites.

Since because of the different potential of damage likely to be caused by the two types of termites, then they may require to be handled differently when it comes to controlling them.

Before probably looking for professional help one can try to get rid of termites yourself. Simple techniques such as exposing your wood to sunlight can be employed here.

Further still if you are in an area where sunlight is not enough, probably an area with a lot of rainfall then freezing of the wood or the furniture will obviously help in killing them although this may sound weird especially with large furniture.

Freezing will involve putting the wood or the furniture in giant freezers where the low temperatures will help in killing the termites.

Another way of controlling termites would be through purchase and use of termite control products.

Better still you can look for professional help if the infestation is too big. When looking for professional help get at least a number of different quotations from different companies and hire the services of the company whose terms and conditions seem more favorable to you.

It is very important to protect your property from termite infestation.

If the termites have already invaded your property then you should with immediate effect ensure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you have completely eradicated them from anywhere near your property.

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